End of a chapter

So here we arrive at the conclusion to the first chapter of Stubborn Grew.  As you might sense, hometown Hamlet is about to head to London (in the next chapter, called Ancient Light).  Farewell, sweet-&-sour Prince!


It was only a moment coming round.
Bowled over, on the Terrace.
And then she got mad, got gone –
and he eloped with his pen –

witch! Falcon Ace! –
of which he was deeply fond. 
Some said he drowned. 
Someone – a siren cantatrice –

mare of the night, see –
might rob his rich rhyme 
of all reason. . . sometime. 
What will be, will be.

Repentance is all.


The lights went up inside, then outside,
then the stars came out and rewarded everyone 
with a regular astrolabe – 'Swounds!
How elegant, my dear malady! – So rude.

It was the story of a lifetime, I'd say,
said someone.  Anonymous was an Indian?
Another.  Anyone for quoits?  Nines?
I'll pass over the water, thanks. – I'll say!

The crowd left, and you still there, your eyes 
on me – I was too anxious to enjoy.
Life, love, that's what I say,
said Bloom. Flowers and dies and. . .

summer sun on the glinting flow.  Thames
time stems the last of the season;
the words gather in my heart. . . run, run!
So they rose and ran (evening whispering flame).

                                            5.26.97 (Memorial Day)

Gondolas in Providence River

Ladd Observatory

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