He finds a penny behind Shakespeare's Head

Bluejay & Henry are still in the shadows behind Shakespeare's Head.  But they're getting ready to move on - stories & conversational threads mingling now.  Bluejay shows off a little.  The tale is underway.


Hey!  Snap out of it, bro!  We gotta start sometime! 
Henry stared off behind Shakespeare's Head.
Night was painting out the horizon (with a side
stroke lead #2).  Sorry – was thinkin about another time.

Garden we had behind the apartment once, on Doyle. 
Well – we headed up that way!  Gotta fin' that cat, right? 
Bluejay quizzed him with an angled grin.  Night's
the right time for starters – anytime. But first – gotta boil

this fishpool for a minnow or two.  Henry (suddenly) 
noticed the goldfish pond there, at the apex of
the shadow of Bluejay's paralegs – a coupla sticks 
to starboard of where they sat.  Bluejay pointedly

stirred the surface with one of them, counterclockwise;
concentric ripples followed outward.  Clear as glass,
in the middle, down at the bottom, Henry saw the Janus-
face (tailside) of a copper coin, coated with greenish rust.

He could barely make out, he thought, the diagonal 
jag – of a smile?  Like a crocodile's teeth?
Or was it the debris of a galleon, sunk beneath 
engulfing waves?  No – perhaps – simply a rectangle?

Of pillars?  Bluejay laughed.  Man you squintin now! 
Whatch you seein?  Not waiting for reply, he reached 
down underwater, his arm distorting. . . sea'ch
an you shall fine! – and Lincoln's brow

plowed up, gasping for air – hey, we can use one a'these! 
We gonna be rich!  Man, it takes a lotta these sailors 
to buy juss one Penelope – an she ain't for sale!  Ha! 
He pocketed the copper with a backflip – off his knees.

The actual penny Bluejay found behind Shakespeare's Head

 The Doyle Ave. tenement

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