Little big congressman

So we keep on movin' on, into the second Chapter of the second Part of our grand picaresque adventure Stubborn Grew.  Henry our Hero still pivots on his faux Fox Pt., his Pushkin pinpoint.  The whirring motion of his nervous windmill begins to take on a distinctly Ez Poundian tincture (Ezra Pound, another damaged Dantesque bard).  In the effort to integrate his personal turmoil with his epic ambitions, he finds new avatars - like Ignatius Donnelly, the midwestern populist firebrand and eccentric scholar of Atlantis(!) and the "Shakespeare authorship question".  Donnelly, a staunch defender of the Common Man against Big Money, unfortunately exudes the old-fashioned Poundian/populist skunk-odor of anti-semitism too.  So in a sense we are back inside "Shakespeare's Head" - and we are looking for a way out of the waterlogged deep-sea shipwreck island where Henry's psychic journey seems to be perpetually marooned.  It's a jambalaya of Hart Crane, Vachel Lindsay, and Ezra Pound - three haunted millenarian Americans.

In the background, like a mournful coyote howl, you'll hear the refrain of a Shoshone ghost dance song.


W.  M.  W.  ms. O.  Raven.  Ravine.
Start over.  The pen seemed to move on its own 
over the blackbound memo pad.  Go on. 
Personal trivia.  All farmland then,

up around Summit Avenue, near the Miriam
The hospital.  Henry sipped his wake-up call. 
[God, this is so lame.]  An uncle
of the owners before us–at 132 [damn

these rhymes!] – drowned in the '38 hurricane.
Worked for the city – carried in a whirlpool 
down a sewer hole.

man underboard.  Guy full of wormholes, 
starboard hazy, green, tornadoish. . .
all black and blue [Jeesh,
Peatie-boat, c'mon, where are you?  What?  Moles?]

rose dusty out of the stolen contraption
beating his drumguitar, smoking cigar – some 
politician!  Clinton, wondering how to hum
about slavery while in Africa – lowly, with contrition.

If you stand over the manhole cover downtown,
in the dusky light the East Side is swiss cheese –
mountainous, with anonymous accounts – countless 
caves underneath, where the underground

railroad hid the runaways.  Earth Quakers, 
making freedom face the coppers of the realm. 
Still hollow there, under a. . . well, a spoken dream. 
[I love good scotch whiskey with crackers,

Bluejay.]  A dead man in a coffin – what
does he dream about?  Like Dorr at Swan Point? 
[East Side.  Go left at Rochambeau, right
at Blackstone Boulevard.]  Ghost dancing! – try it,

why not?  Because what a beautiful land
has the red man lost and the white man won. 
With all this there was the most un-
compromising impudence planned, unplanned.

[Unmanned? That's another rhyme for it. God,
this is sure gooey, Henry.  Think.  Try some 
history?  Evoke – Vico?  pp. 264 – Rome?
No time–Cesca going – take the kids

back to the library soon – 1. return books. 
2. call Ed.  3. do taxes.  4. write home. 
Donnelly did all that – while running farm!
Giants in the earth – Minnesota nooks,

brainy grannies –]  To build the city
of Nininger    lift the great little light acorn
even if one should be a Sour Kraut and
the other a Paddy

"hot house" techniques for town planning
Dost thou know how to play the fiddle?  No,
answered Themistocles, but    raising a little
village into a great city    lots on paper selling

Bill Mallen on the boat with his marked cards,
and Ingeneous Doemly with his city lots
Engaparai    yuwan    Wainaiyo    he yo
waina, Wainaiyo    he yo    wain.

Young Falstaff, with a round, chubby face, a round
well developed body, and round chubby hands
but with a mind    single, sequestered    upon diamonds
snowed in mini-Siberia under    crypto-mound

Verbally honed at Central High, City of Brotherly
Son of deceased Doc and serious "Scotch" Irish Mom
out of peddlar crowd of polite letters ambitious came 
for I am not one of those who believe politics is a mere

. . .base struggle for place and plunder   although   Fortunes
dropping out of the skies   those who would not gather them
were but stupids and sluggards   and   I can recollect 
in my boyhood Philadelphia was afflicted with

many riots   whites and blacks   natives and 
foreigners   churches and   fire companies.  All this 
has passed away.  The public schools have cured it all
With uncapped rim of honeyed oratoracles

I have a dream    Why should we weep to sail 
in search of fortune?  Cheer for the West
Dago donzi aiyo    wa ye wa    bangovia
sogovi     yaiyowain
Every man goes [West] on his own hook,
if you tired of your trade you could pre-empt 160 acres 
– steam on the prairie, steam on the mountain–across 
high buildings in a single–hissing, screaming–look!

It's – Ignatius Donnelly!  I.D. – the very witty best,
in persona!  Cheer one and all, stovepipes sky high now! 
Gonna wash that town, Congressman – and how!
We who come, Mr. Speaker, from the far West

have not that deep and ingrained veneration for State power 
State lines, State names, State organizations    creatures 
of accident    Our people move into a region of country
and make the State   off-shoots of the nation   [little lower

than Los Angeles subdivisions]  Nana suyage hombi
nana suyage horn    sinam bogombi engana    todowaina
sinam    I have drawn your salary in advance for a year, 
and am consequently flushed with funds    Ramsey hombre

raised up 1st Minnesota on the run for Lincoln 
fustest with the almostest    to Gettysburg it all 
comes down to    last full measure    a cupfull 
runneth over, before it's over, over their    conjunction

With nearly one billion [acres] of unsettled lands
and many millions of poor oppressed people
let them organize the exodus which needs must come 
and build, if necessary, a bridge of gold across the chasm

lectured before lyceum groups on non-political subjects 
Minnesota's "Indian Mound Builders"
– miserable thing this dignity without money is!
reading included Anatomy of Melancholy    projects

for Ramsey    rum deals    acquainted with wire pulling
railroad the Chippewa commissions    lots for sale 
lots and lots for sale    everything for sale
now that Lincoln's gone    railroading

Ignatius on the outs at home again    forlorn in Nininger
reflects on the great waters of knowledge    Atlantis 
drowning    full fathoming    his cryptic galleys 
Damen    nuwitsi     zani-suano-ve    gemano


Damen    nuwitsi    zani-suano-ve    gemano    They only 
deserve success who are equal to the exactions of misfortune 
round man at homer node    seen it all wax and wane
out in field stubble    D.C. pump-handle parties    lonely

farms    and the sound of the railroad train
blows over the sound    of wind in the pine trees
a cold and naked wind    Grand Forks    Mississippi
bottomland toward    each rivulet    of rain

Ye    va    varuke    ye    va    varuke-penji
Water    water rising    water    water rising
It is all ancient forms and ceremonies
with a republic underneath    Queen always consents

dynasty would not last forty-eight hours    dismay 
of one usher when I got out of line of procession 
During the evening of May 31
Donnelly debated the authorship at Oxford    LLrnd.

[save the Bacon for later]  There are really but two parties
 in this state today–the people and their plunderers. 
Shall the people keep the fruits of their own industry
or shall the thieves carry them away?

Farmer's Alliance     Union Labor party
Donnelly's 7 rights:    1. to the full fruits of their labor 
2. to education     3. to rise & go forward
4. to acquire all forms of property

for property is comfort, peace, plenty & civilization 
Dave    bauwah    doiyave    dave    bauwah    doiyave    ena 
5. to obtain from this world all blessings benefits and 
beauties that are in it    6. to be esteemed a gentleman

even while he labors with his hands.
7. to combine to reach these results.
Donnelly now particularly hostile to the railroads
introduced severe regulation measure    granted

special shipping privileges to Minnesota grain producers 
Legislature wasted whole session attempting to bury one man 
defending the people from robberies of railroad corporation 
the Yankee blue blood of the Twin Cities

never tolerate that a damned Norwegian without boodle 
the men who encourage you will do nothing for you
only be reformed from the outside    yellow
oriental cunning Jew Caesar's Column of blood-

curdled whey for the voting pablum
vox populist    ghost dance
Ba    buhi    buhi–mande    ba    buhi    buhi-mande
Caesarean Rome

deal    very very rough and tumble Washington soaked
in graft    monopoly games     This continent
is the last great camping ground
of the human race    completely blood -sucked

base metals into gold    Ephraim Benezet
in a bottle    yet    unable to combine rural and urban 
working people reform groups    Beaten!
Whipped!  Smashed!  Our followers scattered

like dew     he goes back to his beloved cipher 
worth more than all the governorships in the world
greenbacks    gold & silver    coal combines    100
percent profit    rat-headed gang of reformers

peculiarly Donnellian    political lumber jugglers 
bribes    anonymous slander    bimetallism 
1890    latent [latent?] anti-Semitism
others are moving into the woods, building shanties,

reverting to Indian conditions
Buhi    wa    n-doiyavi    buhi    wa    n-doiyavi    yaiyowainde  
There are no more Minnesotas on the planet 
rat-tailed slant-eyed Mongolians

[or maybe Siberians?]   I am not a candidate 
for office and never will be    I am growing old 
and the grave is not many years ahead
best religion in the world is that

of doing good to our fellow creatures 
wooden buffalo nickel lndianhead penny 
all the rage    gloomglittering eyes
in the wall of Gehenna    a vast array

of starving men becomes a terrible thing now 
organized by Mr. Coxey and advancing on Washington 
capitalistic class of New York and London
45 cents a bushel    who's gone into

this conspiracy? No man has a monopoly on wisdom.
Sihivi    winogande    sihivi    winogande
Dugai -e ogande    dugai -e ogande
Go on, Mr. Bryan, we are with you!  Boom-boom

Bryan Bryan Bryan Atgeld Bryan Bryan Bryan and it's
 [Henry, by George, too!]  tenting tonight
on the old camp ground    can anything but
Divine Providence prevent the swarming idiots

from wrecking themselves [he noted pessimistically
in his memo]    Minnesota Pure Election Law
of this 60 cents was for railroad fare
I am 69 today    if I had not had a partial stroke of palsey[sic]

On July 4, 1900 [G'ma Gould's b'day] Donnelly 
had a novel sensation    when I came to speak 
my powers went back on me    I made a faux pas 
of it    dead failure    but my nerve held

had suffered a mild stroke    shortly after midnight 
January 1, 1901    fatal heart attack
Bagana-via    bagana-via    bagana-via
Dugum    bagana-via    dugumba    wanekinora

Ghost dance    swarms of hungry men    Falstaffs
afloat    in a porkbarrel    a railroad line to the
golden West    and Donnelly brings home the bacon 
round, chubby, bullish    reefs in

the sales    of the sinking Atlantean bark
one will all one of hungry desire under Northern
Star or    steadfast other one    [Venusian?]
and to the feast they come    ghosts    wind in the dark


Ignatius Donnelly

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