Prodigal prow

So Henry meditates there on his royal Couch... ponders the underlying sense of things... how there is more love to go around than he knows how to acknowledge... which is the basis of metaphysical Thanksgiving (old New England holiday).

Prodigal Son, prodigal prow.  This ponderous, well-meaning New Deal statue of Roger Williams has him stepping off the prow of a canoe, to offer blessings & thanks to his Narragansett friends, & set a pattern for future immigrants.  Providence, "a refuge for troubled conscience"...


Trace a line on the imperfect, blurry old pane.
A circle, or a wheel.  And drafty, chaotic life surrenders 
without a struggle – well-meaning, ponderous,
life loves you.  And it's life, not you, that will remain.

Will spring again from nothing, like the dream
of the pottery – row, row, row your boat there, Lucky! 
See how the prodigal prow inches along, rickety, 
through the weedy membranes, truly, off the beam.

Spring again from. . . – toward you, 
again – at the crossroad. . . 
magnetic motherlode – salt-
vault – geared for the unsparing blue.

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