Finnegans Good Friday

The final chapter of Stubborn Grew was written on Good Friday, Kerouac-style, in one non-stop flood of composition.  Here the entire poem is recapitulated through a Joycean Finnegans Wake contraption filter.  It is as though the epic stubborn implosion collapses on itself and raves-unravels out of control.  But if read carefully, you'll find a replay, chapter-by-chapter, of what came before.  Henry is closing down & flowing out.  It's Good Friday; his Lenten shriving and confession (which the poem became) is caterwauled in one last blow-out.

Yet Bluejay infiltrates even here.  He cautions patience; encourages Henry to wait.  & finally, near the end, a dove, or the Dove, appears.  A vision of the dove or Holy Spirit on Good Friday is one of the motifs in the old medieval Grail stories.  For Henry it is a sign of possible forgiveness & renewal.

The whole tone of the passage lightens.  Suddenly we are on pilgrimage with "Actemydovie" (Anna Akhmatova) on her way to receive a medal and honorary degree at Oxford.  Henry has recovered a certain peace of mind not felt in the poem since the Ancient Light chapter, on his own train ride to Oxford.   Then suddenly the voice of his father breaks in  (J.D. Gould - whose birthday was coming on April 12th, Easter that year).  Gone are the Joycean hijinks.  The voice is clear & penetrating.  On Good Friday "son & father" are reconciled - father offers son "your crown" - a distinct contrast to Shakespeare's famous scene in Henry IV, when Prince Hal temporarily swipes his father's crown.

I suppose Stubborn's final mild finish laid the psychic groundwork for the possibility of a sequel.  In The Grassblade Light - the massive new poem which overshadowed Henry only after Stubborn was written - his epic search for long-lost Juliet/Eurydice begins again, in a new key.

Just around moodnight (calling all cowhands) an H 
was in the coffinshop still – while winked blurred lights 
bleaped above wooftaps, and springy branches blencht 
their chaotwigs.  Ernesteamer, schooning his hatch,

recaptain, he thought, a green, a very green nightcap; 
tailoring owl the word coming about hard alley, 
refracting his five fave purrfurrances, his grainest whey. 
A tin pine oily tootpick twiddled there in a pool of catnap

on the wordy countintap; H dribbled his digits, plied 
his three fiery seas, lit overplays over blightships amid 
trashbutts, pied his litter and soilables, mitted
his clay, bee, sea, dee ineffadumb GH – his curious

Q-ride, round, about how moony angles arrest on a pun? 
In pushpin land?  Pusscan you tell me?  He'd wandered 
to, and frowned himself overt and under dirtpandered 
nougats of purr charcoal.  Finly and fitly he begun

to begun his edgies, ukelelizing his complexiglass set
of the burptitanic, and accenting a liberal shipdog terrier-
ful of inframmastory inflingratiating hysteroderrier 
taxbooks on oh neverest before everest subject

preserve my speech, yehnuntul, he would crow,
a raven yellin blackbird, and protect the flowers
he inquestered everbody, gam on everwheres; 
meaningwhile to relight his most epicturesco frisco

fresco chessmight with a stare and a why and a no. 
If po Pound can wee anchor at 1600 fleets then
H ken two, he uddereth, milking his dray hen; 
take off that dump steer bullhorner, Jack, and go!

Well it wall began, he huhouuyynmphhed – it began –
are yall rhodey for this exclamornation? – it all
began with our W.  Deep springs the steep, and tall
falls small, so the lil rig-V'd rocket wwwwrrrrhhed. . . ran!

Oh my did the kids collect their stubs an head for there! 
Refugerators, specterspanulators,adopterators, even
some taters!  Canonicus an co. plowed eleven-steven 
buck for shot an fish for fool an a fair fare is square,

but they went under the impressurfdom of beastonian 
stiffrottenness almound furnever, knaves –
it were a yurt caddie that still saves
gulf bowls and weary ware sharded long ago, abodian

freefar SW where Cautantowwit preserve my speech 
rains over the deserveret and the undeserted and 
whippoorwills protect the flowers, understand –
Bluejay was theirs.  But we can steal tray to reach

that wet sound over the pure pile a pinetree scraps 
an violent bows that ever purrcollate an rockabye 
by the rectorious and the unmarzipanious.  Try! 
It'll opinion up hour by hour hysteria, perhaps!

H coffed a lil fleming and belgian some gastronomy now. 
Here's Mars, he lectchurned on.  The wars was unwise 
because why's the reason, fellas?  Shoe-size?
Make the gal squeeze an cries?  Ho-ho, and how!

How?  Rifle through the drayhorse for some key rationale, 
and starve the shlep over the rockets until you fries! 
That's warcome!  Your very warcome, guys!
Quaker node in nudepart walkin through beans – hell,

they fileted Em fur that!  So she up an refuged to list 
another minute clam to that pilasterful of plastered saints! 
That's what the narrow rhody for – imaginary isle it ain't –
see why ol Rog jet to capitalize anglandin – communist?

No, jest a plainpreachin manx talkin to the native tongs,
the ironic ore knot in ever won a gist all odysseus, come again? 
No, jest a covertent – hope his anchor, an his cankersore – H 
read about it an clucked it away for safecheepin, songs.

H ruffied through his fetters and nipt his nuts and reedy
on an onion and spilletted his banes and trapezoided and 
super-avoided and divertissued his connected litter and 
dandruffed his fighters and continuitortured with algospeedy

endrivers to corrote and borate and orbit and smelt 
ornate while he fluctured his studs and gelted his 
girlguides and ethered him herdaches and pelted his 
merderakes and garted the gumpreposterous sweltered

ump of it all. . . whew!  He just kept right on raiding 
dismal ubertoothguardit discaldeliberations in the libel, 
airy as a filed ossifer and smelly as a skunted shell 
from Hairsnook Buch.  And haddock netted yet evening

to the door yet, the newt!  History.  Some clambake! 
Dorr was, Dorr will be, Dorr.  Napping his pole still eons 
from his statutes bronze, the near-hero! Suppons
he'd dadn't done wuddie done?  We'd still be snake

tied to an old wrastle of stewed county baroons, unliable 
to snort, much less vote, less we hone some cheese 
under the Man's shins!  But please,
the Dorr's been open for yours, mine, and the police – able

he was ere he saw crawdaddy an the brothas upon Elbow 
Street an feared his wet canon might nought his own 
royal tiffs!  Don't follow me – I'll fellow you, stan?
And H hasn't even luxuriacted about POE yet!  Wo!

Men!  They are his story!  They get under your skin 
and then they hi!  Tool it?  Until you just about bend 
into a wrecked oar set and send Polly and Billy to mend 
with grammar in the shoals of fart knox – you can win!

But as H was saying. . . back to back to back Dorrstory.
It stinks.  While the irate steamocrats' not-so-meekantics 
scarrifoured the plutonic wretch farmodirts and smurtchics, 
they also burned the ex off the enclave for Roger's hoary

liberty by exclusieving out the black side o' the track–
you say you know about that?  H depurred, prefurred to dot 
you did.  Spot on.  Your.shit now, sureman – the hot's
on hottentot!  All your gimcrackerburly minstrollhack

blacktalk, H–to high heaven . I mean it smells, bro. 
You and Poe on the popo fo yo poetrick poorposes. . .
J knows your gonna regreet it when you burn, sez 
Yoi.  She otter know.  Don't renumber now, do you?

Standish up there pontificating pond for moor 
and meadow for three back sides. . . oh brother! 
How can you kick the can you be, silly seizure 
salad?  Are you going to tell me you're our Homer,

running things from the bookbund infelt?
Police.  I would rather sell fish to a shark nursery 
than listen to any more of your pet pussery 
passay the primo beef cult

baloney, Henry.  And that's fine.  Preserve my speech
That's all.  And protect the flowers.  Hear?
Old men oughta be explovers of the near – not 
dearly bloaded emprodroolers.  So long now, Teach.

Lighting suddenly riddled the seedy effigy H called 
home, his ground coffinsofafroom eggfriedatedeal. 
Preserve my speech.  What he mean – Nahuatl? 
He thumped the side of his knowledge–spilled

a little red bean there in the procession.  Gray light 
hover the harbor, all ready for Don Wan to wander on 
back to his music box and windlespinatop the iron 
spring. . . but his hurt wasn't in his headpatch right.

O dewey redman, trumped all over even before she was! 
How you guerdoned your green captop tiptop, verdant 
with sea lions!  Taptastatictoed all across the quint 
ballroom without the slippery slimperfuming toucans

any molluscular coruscation – her tinder waltz, on fire legs, 
yours, together, one two then!  And the guardreel zoomed 
and buzzed with bumblebooms, blues, greys, nonamed –
tellyon beauts can grow, only beetrush borscht begs

plantatoed any bitter!  H two needed, a deadline
to make his lifelimb growso tall.  H ate, all ten wives, 
before they nude what wasn't happening – knives 
addled Queen Best (as purr) and the wine

soared all over the crude.  A pantalooned pair o'
dicey listobeamings there were in the deeds 
of H–his lyin astern aforefoot skift leads
F to G and swell to Venice, son – see?  Oh-oh.

Loosen your reason?  Hard to, feller–avast 
cheskermate centered your creel, the yaksee 
sweltered in a fireheaded woolfox brutee! 
Around and aground like a termulating ski mast!

Protect the flowers.  But.  H stalled at the pint, 
oar lofted, stumped.  Divortex aflight overheard, 
where davyjonas keeps a coaxial colorcoated 
coata curlicues to hotiron his onesaintly stint

as hub of unicycle – a bed dream come to dot 
their cry.  Lines drawn in the dusty dune 
done did them in, dude – soon
weep, what you so sorely throat to nought!

A fib related brow row row woakenhurt 
in the spiky sky.  Your memo
rises it.  You no.
Merry G – he mort.

But it was noting the benefit undershadowed that 
finely tuned H to his ownerslip of a barren the 
wounds, since the knight is what, and the
flight is de balloonful of airfears, and the money is fat.

The histoire spelt all over the life pressurfer
reservationist needled mention of Cappy Green
who sleeves up his neightbareghosthood, last seen 
undying the fryway zombing girders with olivoil perfor-

prepupation adsimulators on wiles.  Didn't get it, 
moved outwards Manny, she and kids the hole fambles. 
Device is a turbine thing – ramjambles ambles
all over sud susandly, undenilable (don't try to pet it).

And when the plungent cords break over the dam 
misterbeefsteak, he will be sore.  He will pry.
He will what he won't – a black stone, high 
and dry, with chuffing sails – gills like spam.

At the sinner of his scentful spring, his earth. 
The gourd a nerd, the heart hallow-hollow. 
Hard after for her to follow,
such was the valor of its nonworth.

And sooner inwobblevolved around a once 
and no future star, perfect obloid fear 
and crumbling no more becalmed mere 
entropy blockbird caulk in a dunce.

Let me toll the doily a daffrunt way, sought H –
but impedible.  That was the why, the warfare, 
and the wheraboots, Unc – any nightmare 
quagmires?  H got an F for mere rage, try to catch

the drift but no C him.  Illeligible without 
the L wort – you can't horde your way onto it,
sled musketears alloverit, or otherwit 
pretensisensiboil it – it won't sort

with your teleport, maybe. . . try author prudegram? 
Or use six instead of four arms players on yon 
deserted turntable floading, honey?  Snerd, hon. 
Diacryptic manuals for inward psychoblam –

that's how to correct your fluidity somebody wrote 
me about that in a fablecrumb and I beheard it. 
But weird getting away with mead, er some – what? 
The cloy melts in your hounds, and it won't

soul edify – har o har o lee! Crackpates cricketing 
under the heart, a like, able blade o fowls –
the wholewheat househowled fellows his scowls. 
Preserve my speech.  Protect the flowers.  Spwing

up, out of these duds.  Nakidity Davinity spells 
troubladoor on holidie–he sniped us afore, 
won't happy agrin like that again – were 
mighty nauticoffin him!  The wells

rise – H marks the flowline –
slipped–horizontababa –
crown his nick, mama –
follow the stunline,

blick, black, bleak, blick, 
time updown undalater too–
boo-boo who?

no lie.

The splitrock darkhouse too heavysuperior, 
the dense coral anticork sinks too much 
about the unfadable onetime lurch
into the ravine of Dr. Moriory-

won't-let-go so 
flow, so

Preserve my speech
Protect my, each 


Musty fell asloop oveer his windpipe – caught 
a draft of a stitchnine in his skirtch, Dock 
Hand.  Lift hymn offa that'millded sock. 
She took stock, and he fought

to forget, and he did. 
Profume slum on board.
Thing became word. 
Hoard and sold, solid

the eye teems with the Klee jug. 
The hart craned and anchored 
her feet in the iron orelocked 
underground clue, or plug.

Bottomland, silent. 
Underground spring. 
Bekneed the thunderding 
of the paramountaint

St. Den, our achscient redeye 
vaulting skeward alooft, 
but not bereft – fixt
with dove to fly –

wait – huddle in stone, wait, 
fly. . .
in the farhigh
dense bluestone height.

The stone that was heavier to have 
anywhere but here – we had it. 
Now – in the eye – hold it
against the knave.

Evermort. His body weights sandstone 
lightwrote chalk or Passover matzo. 
The stretched litter hefted below
the bleakening sundown.

Claywater, breadblood, move, labor, 
the eyes, the eyes above the myrrh-box 
follow, draw you, catch
us the foxes, the eyes draw

vineyard water – purple, darkened green. 
Preserve my speech.  We are moving
in the light of the startling
starling, singing Bluejay's keen

cry.  Protect the flowers.
The flowers spiral backward and 
forward simultaneously, and 
for better and for worse

you remember it all,
the dead seed at the center, 
nailed in your brain. . . enter. 
Through the Magdalen wall.

Low negligible memory, 
stupidity and heartbreak, 
like the echo make 
waves that vary

the beaten brass of time. 
Stronger than bronze or stone, 
strong as the sea – love only 
hones you. Climb

the mountain in reverse; 
the green cape, air 
fresca.  Here,
preserve my speech – it is

token, testimony. 
Equal to its 
bitter fruit. 
Hear, see,

the returning wave.
         *         *
         *         *
         *         *

Protect the flowers
Honor the splinter. 
Remember you 
were sowers.

H fell asleep. 
eyes.  Seemed
at peace, in the deep.






– was the next mourning when H was startled 
awork.  The sun was woven mauvepalepiled 
greenery in the clues.  Hippo horsewhaled? 
through his fagged eyepanes.  Hurtled

out of a dram. . . he seed his donut
had made a line of oiled filigree allhover 
his sleepery napshkin.  Firecat hair? 
But our literal red prooster whiz was not

at home at home.  Some ting was churning 
his butane around – an electric charity
or sin otheremouster (achinbet you diamitty 
remonstraps) keeps him lourning

how to spill "over" over again and over. 
Skyskids thread out the windy – el J
was anchoright, plainting the A-Z sure blue, 
barging arolls in his unfargettable olair

trap A-Z stunts.  The wait was
toller then, a bell in his hearticulture –
he coffed up would, and will, and won't yer? 
and placed with nothing his donut hauls

fright arrows – harmony dates and knights 
stombling threw life. . . mariner venues 
all aviator the muddy terrain was
wit he had to hit though sites

of swinefed swill makes DR vir umble! 
and since H took the fair ferrous fairy ferry 
so puny left ironing out a coppair perrier 
blackbuttoneye Susan I kinda wumble

about the jumble!  on a fowlship
of pet goldy rocks with the treebare blindmen 
who mummimble into their bards – Hen, 
he's our moany!  they quip.

Playin in games with litter, weary 
orthopedestrial dockskiddooers, chortling their 
metamorpheofriesbeens evegetawhichwhere. . . 
Hi Cloonlass!  I'm Leery!

But Jaybird's brokeline hepped him overt the 
stump – those burgeoning genes of her, iris 
the sinflower inno cento pani bliss
me, miss – and soon he felt the clay torte

teacher lawfilling spearspin H's grimmer 
drum gram – it was a wishper true
the pine green felthat soilfull of worm, dear –
the licked benny, too, sounded slimmer

in the pi anno domino steereyall, so
H kep skalding firfths and hope sketching 
try the roary rogers whims, fetching
his F out of a whole-in-one wan gulf woe.

Sigh.  Yello.  Up there. 
Wail in one.
Black un,
my share, my share.

Of the big mudkey.  Bottimberland. 
Leftup out of mixmatchngo hand
in behand bee bootful oshemeditashemed 
sand, it kneeded sea – D miner?  Grand!

I understand Yeti!  Rubber baroon? 
Nein, yo clock!  Uppair yondair!
Seed?  Scentrad noon!  Upineder 
lakeship – irrefractoid tromzomboon!

Thar she blues!  Trompetrieglypherglimmergopht! 
A little redrhodatlas antic bloke of J-
dimentionall ant der V verohiccupularge 
deridable inviter from odor spice – whhuufft. . .

ghost against! Ak ak ak choo choo muh tata
bye the bye vico have sum too fingal V
for viceroy, honey – tizza pettagrabbable humvee! 
Widow verity-varied hue mane-stringfed attacha

tatmostphere – hiked! [O H the nerdrighter almist 
firgoat to munch on the scramboling whit limb 
harping and hoping and warking and waking him 
barkfort updown foxy chickland pintagin almust o'blist

the boat, O, H –]  Sigh, every evening, just. 
Whispering flame.  Ecce echo hoho momo J J J J J. . . 
an hen was hep to swerve as B-Jay's
missingyva joist adjuster.  Moist moss.  Must.

Hen lurked off through the pain of the coffin exchange. 
Jumpst a whishingle wellworn compostitchin?
The discussion flue off the fun for a wheel, Hen.
Into the distink and the shunlight, the lonerange,

where the guys are nut cloddy auld, die.
A smile shuffled enteepeetoe into a warmhail 
barnstern ormus vale, where the shale 
clutters the gravinight until all the jiver's pie

ices a G.  What cleft?  Base.
Turd around what the horizontell hulahooplament –
I dimknow.  It, it. . . 
gun ovehill now, trice

ooo. . .  froth of green, light 
on the trees, there. 
Limlight.  Sore... 

The sill oven city wafted awful augustus across 
the lairdlunding croft.  H was no wart to be scene, 
there.  Nor wuzzy ladling a farthingfamilias, mean 
as he shod beanboxes, doughindozeout of lossa

times at the libruptea.  Norinow fuzzy ship anymare –
seam to flout wooll the aeroadianrules, fizzicat imp 
Ossobile – N was goon in two – the foredementiad chimp! 
Goon in deed, wormdundeed – zero!

Sew three b-viper batons, then, off him coatlicurler. Threevieheebeegeebeefreebies, I gas –hansuppine. 
Runing on em ties no Hen?  Realrooded?  Wonder when? 
H lookloodoon at him V-uncular's owncoat, viennearler –

and noted Sue Donnelly, there – izzer nukid?  No –
j-j-just iz widow penieinyore palm.  Lockagain, Hen –
wordsworth mere than thought!  Agen – again?
Yes.  Wonsmore, smiley.  Oncemore, smile, to go.

H piered his gloses, fIxt redeyehaireared finely, tear-
fillie windmore timidlee. True – the flex of a streak 
of felt. . . a dive. . .  – a dove! – a dove, a dove!  Holey boke of 
J – owna – dove!  Cooed, a contenderly, tenderly – to shore!

Sign me up, beamshot!  That's because the oner won! 
Dave have the juice – anna hen was lividly nakkered, 
two!  Dovetailing the too-too!  Mannyjillo Qukred
knew, anna coot flew offwiffa V-high five. . . Iz royal, son!

Now the finally began to tune in the numb bros insisting 
on H until I jay calculated em no pukin arroundisstuvwax 
– why? EZ! He'd like deploy sadsack sax
butt the harmlessmonetary cats peejan nojammers – ohlist!

You node how in sum unkieverses a spearall 
is ractionally a street line, well, up from below 
came sucha bellow H rose oopshiddering – wo! 
Man he was one purrerodeductive eagle – his

spandrift leftall coveralls office behind!  And
you node how the curve is forcemain oftener of 
mannered manymakers – the way the foxglove 
enablehood of manual freed sealaborites was unhand-

erunderhanded out of the why of devilment –
so H producted his prolegrimage inwardly, 
toward the veered bluerose, submarinadely –
the hoodlumpcity, I mean, where they were scent –

the southurn port for lostguise – providense, 
with pebbles yearning verde lil, and shilldoom 
rose – until you hopen your gloomies,
Jim (he's playin lighter tonaught, since

Colette his better halfpaychick popped up 
with viola in her boutontoss).  So H
was there tootoo, witch gootar in, natch –
loosing his wayward, the curfpup.

Ach the prod of his blunderblind!
What loss of foot was that, what forget! 
For there to prod gal was widowed weight 
of himselfishmost nest – find

an udder lack, this dumbull!  Weak after weak 
the lion prude his coursage, lion ivory time.
Is this the spirit?  Nay, Rome
thought not.  Sneak

and ye shawll be fined!  For thus in the mudst 
of his waifstirrings, slappackajacking the pigseye 
planted amurdshits, unplowdunt, his memsigh 
opened–he numbered his fader – J.D., just.

In time it was.  For his bird-day was springing 
toward the last para-trump, and was it time?   In
time it was.  Trump April last – for the twin 
springing was daddy-bird his, for birthdaying!

For twelve is a happy numby, and April
a pleasant isthmus, all gold together nicily 
though in Minersoda ice frizzy sumdaytimely! 
Them twinners were pretty cities, Will –

still are they! Arise then, and gold –
we shall pellmell pilgrummage our wheaty 
way homeward now, and celebeatify
the drum for he is raisin hupahole hold

fulla goldbroth and cisterns!  He is raisin, 
thought the vinelady – gripin abit at the pall – but 
wheelbarrow it an iron it an roost it an itwill all 
comb outa gain in the washingtons.  Jeffersin?

Me?  Not know – right left wrought lift rut loft 
all the siamese twines will process us cheese us 
milk us bore us bier us berry us cream us
dream us as Oswego along the rusty rus trailaloft

the bearing straitened circumnavastints
in the Pete's sacreblueship toward the originatal 
redman – a dimeforhis name? – is omegal
too one zero and we shall meet him in the quint

existenting tonight on the old campground
on our way now to Indian Point.  Himalayatied out 
yet?  Not yet?  Then pint your ompeter toward at 
land–tissue you almond joy yet?  Stormepetrel bound?

(O Petrasbornagains, O svleet Musk-
ovyntights – all Meldamshtombletamed! Hichikehukfinnaginjompluliltrainsetgoald!
Who Akmelvdovatend, who Tsvetavelvattuned, 
whocoowhorldinalbatrysted, frosencaroltruthedusk.)

Nay, the horses are in fInal fedders and wee flying. 
Through the greenmoss ways by the quiet waters, 
by the oxenford, near where Actemydovie totters 
along with to sieve her mettle, warning and warmin

here loving piece all the way to Petroglad, finally;
and well pick Nuckleheadup along the Wye, playing flowt 
and flowering flowcraft, like Jimi Hucktrix and what 
Bea J Hen can seagal us a supthere, friendly

among the gould keelover flowerpunters, 
those steady-eyed treefellers and form farmers 
like granite under the holy rollercoasters,
a sprungfeedle farmcanter.  A witbull H-er's

resting on the Blackstone shoulders, his liberty
a done thing everydeeday, as we canterbury
along, long plowman's wake – and a very gradumerry 
grape it is, ripe to the buddies, from a little tree–

near the edge of the Terrace 
the limbs all black and thorny 
the buds, just barely
the green moss

soft, tender
spring whispers
kindness now, and grief.  Hers, 
yours, ours.  Wonder

gathering me 
toward you 
grew –

the end of the journey now 
spirals to this crown, Henry –
yours.  From me.
I go – your

father – where Bluejay goes, 
for I will journey
to my chamber – see, 
Jerusalem! – she flows

from my heart – to the end. 
A straight road steadies every 
spiral, son – I run today 
toward mine.  Mend

your way.  A hard and narrow raceway 
glides the ark toward solid haven.
Nor will I cease my pilgrimage – when 
(hesitant and grieving now) my God will say –

how stubborn grew the rose!  How
stub born grew the rose stub
born grew the rose stub born
grew the rose stub born grew
 the  rose  stub  born grew the

                                                                                          4.10.98 (Good Friday) 

Bluejay's rose window

Speaker's Corner (Roger Williams National Memorial)

Hope anchor monument (Swan Pt. Cemetery)

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